We believe that Next Generation learning needs to be holistic: an exploration of the realms of knowledge from known to the unknown, leading to new discoveries and new creations. We believe in educating students; not just teaching them how to pass a test or an examination. Our aim is to kindle the fire within rather than use the mind as a vessel to be filled with colorless facts and information.

What we need is an educational revolution. Success Academy Study Centre is a step in that direction. The objective of a Success Academy Study Centre is to create a more effective personalized classroom that brings joy and excitement to Coaching Program.

1. We provide Coaching for

  • Entrance Exams

  • Competitive Exams

  • Tuition / Coaching

2. We are specialized in :

  • Soft Skill Placement Training

  • Mock Interview

  • English -  Spoken English(LSRW)

3. Very special training in:

  • Career Guidance

  • Placement & Placement Training etc

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>To develop the outer skirts of  Tirunelveli district

>To improve their educational level and life status like a job to next level



  • To regain the Palayamkottai’s Traditional Old name “Oxford of TamilNadu’’ by inculcating the Younger Generation.

  • Success Academy Study Centre is a place where staffs, students and management work in a collaborative environment to create rich, engaged learning and teaching experience.

  • The centre started for social awareness for the upcoming generations (i.e) for the students, not for business.

  • In Tamil Nadu, among the other districts, Tirunelveli and neighboring districts like Thoothukudi, Kanyakumari (Nagercoil) are the southern most districts.  We would like to create a Better Scope for education and job in the southern areas.

  • This is mainly for youth’s empowerment, women’s empowerment, rural improvement and society’s improvement.



After attending our Coaching Centre, many graduates got the best jobs in various departments at various places, students who study for entrance exam join best colleges for higher studies and UG degree and the education of the poor children has improved very much. Most of them pass, and some get very high marks also. Moreover, poor parents from the slums have also become more interested in getting their children educated.

More than that, we value the interest in acquiring education and higher culture, which has been kindled bright in the children. There is also a marked improvement in their self-confidence. We are sure all these factors will lead them to better prospects and also increase the percentage of literacy in the coming generations in Titunelveli. In order to tackle those critical learning issues connected with maths this website has been conceived and evolved to cater to the requirements of learners in an apt and appropriate manner.

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